Sunday, 10 February 2008

Skiing Day 5 - Feb 10

Vertical: 9,540 m, Cum to date: 46,295 m
Runs: 13, Cum to date: 79, Average run 586 m

The weather report said 13 cm overnight and 9 the night before, and it was a powder day. But not without its hassles. It was -22° in Calgary, -23° at Lac Des Arcs, and 4 km later -8° at Dead Man's Flats. Weird.

We got to the parking lot "early" and discovered I had only brought one glove. This wasted 25 min as I tried to rent one (they don't rent gloves), thne borrow one from lost and found (they don't do that either, but they did it for me).

Before we left home we knew that one lift was down; turns out they had problems with Angel on Saturday, and had to rope people off it. But both Angel AND Tee Pee Town were down. That meant crowds at Goats Eye (lift lines at 11 AM? You bet).

Still the snow was great. After the second run, I saw I had snow on my pants above my knees (no, I had not fallen). We were hitting powder shots all day in the trees that were boot top to knee deep. Everything was skiable, and we got to ski things we had never tried before, including Goat Chicken Glades. Because everyone told us the lineups in the village sucked, we never got above Goats Eye (we were having way too much fun anyway). It didn't seem like a lot of vert, but the stats say otherwise, and boy, do my legs feel it.

The weather was nice, -5° most of the day, and -2° by late in the day. But it was overcast (the sun appeared a few times in the PM) and a little windy up top.

Here's a shot KC took of me with her Blackberry running a boot top powder stash near the trees on on Wildfire. Crappy quality, but what do you expect for a phone?

I gotta gt me a camera to capture some of the fun we had...

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