Friday, 30 November 2012

The left hand doesn't know what the right hand's doing

We are so close to finishing the reno that we can taste it. But "close" and "finished" aren't the same thing. Today was one of those days that really demonstrated how far apart these two things are.

Our floor installation was finished earlier this week, and it looks great.
As the grout is still being cleaned up
On Wednesday, the dishwasher and fridge were delivered.
Dishwasher slid into space
Miele delivered the dishwasher within the 3 hr window they promised, brought it into the kitchen, unpacked it and took away the packing materials.

Canmore Courier were 4 hours late delivering the fridge (bringing it at 6 PM), delivered the 350 lb monster with one guy and no dolly (meaning they couldn't get it off the truck without my help), and struggled to get it into the garage on the palate jack because the thing was too tall to fit under the garage door. Thursday AM, two of my contractor dudes arrived, and it took almost an hour for the three of us to grunt it into the kitchen, where we could unpack it. I asked if they were installing it. Nope, they answered. Beyond their capabilities. "Someone else" was installing it.
Ready to be moved into place
Today was one of those days where you learn there is no such person as "somebody". My contractor thought our kitchen dudes were putting the fridge in place. The kitchen dudes arrived today and said they had expected the fridge to have been fully put in place by "somebody", ready for front panels. The kitchen dudes wanted to put the panels on the dishwasher, too, but were also expecting "somebody" to have put it in place already. Getting it "in place" meant having the electrical dudes wire in connections for it, and plumber dudes connecting the water and drains, neither of which was done. So Friday was a mess of phone calls, finger pointing and recriminations among unhappy worker dudes about which "somebody" was supposed to have done what when, and why it wasn't their fault. I missed most of it; I was skiing. KC took the brunt of the unpleasant conversations.

However, they did install the missing cabinet...
In place
...the sink and taps...
It works, and we're using it!
...and the panel on the not quite installed dishwasher.
About the black bit on the bottom...
But in happiness comes sadness. Three months ago, we bought an instant on hot water tap. Today, they tried (and failed) to install it. It doesn't fit our layout. Whoops. So now not only do we have a tap system we can't use (and don't have a receipt to take back), we need to rush order a new one.

The hood fan is supposed to be installed Saturday, the backsplash Monday, the final electrical Monday...

...but at this moment, a 350 lb. fridge sits in the middle of my kitchen, and no one has established which "somebody" is supposed to install it.
Looks lonely

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Edwin said...

" Today was one of those days where you learn there is no such person as "somebody". " That's one universal problem, you stumbled upon there.....