Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The start of winter?

A chilly +5° and rain this morning at the 'ole homestead, and we had to head down over the highest paved car-accessible pass in Canada to do our grizzly camera work today. Even leaving the house we saw snow "at higher elevations". But just how high?

Well, the rain turned snow at 1,835 m -- the elevation of Little Highwood Pass on Hwy 40 -- and by 1,910 m (the Elbow Pass parking lot), the snow was sticking to the ground and the trees. By the 2,200 m Highwood Pass, it should come as no surprise that there was lots of snow.
Yep, that's white 
Ankle deep
We actually saw a grizzly today, hanging out at the side of the road just south of the Highwood Pass.
Big fat boy, which is good.
Dropping back down into the valley on the other side of the pass (and going beyond the new Lost Lemon Mine closure gate), the snow turned back to rain, and we saw a couple of groups of deer just far enough away from the hunters we saw camped on the side of the road down there.
One of the first group 
One of the second group
If they stay where we saw them, they might -- just might -- survive hunting season.
Snow capped peaks poke through the clouds
This snow won't last. It's supposed to be +20° by Friday.

We wanted to hide from the cold and rain to eat lunch, so tried the Pocaterra Hut. Closed. Then the Peter Lougheed Visitors Centre -- still closed. We ended up at William Watson Lodge, and for various reasons, ate in some guys office. Be aware if you head down there, the facility closures have started. I noticed the Grizzly Day Use area is closed, and I suspect so are many others.

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