Saturday, 9 July 2016

Hanging with Dead People

We like visiting cemeteries. The two biggies in Barcelona are Montjuic and Poblenou. Montjuic has a lot more history (and free guided tours...) but Poblenou was far more accessible for us.

As cemeteries go, it's not really that thrilling. The oldest graves are nondescript and from the early 1800's and the place is in use still. Mostly, it's just rows and rows of what we call "cemetery condos"...
6 stories tall. Yes, there are ladders.
...interspersed with blocks of large scale crypts.
Some are fancier than others
Just because you're in a small condo, doesn't mean you aren't remembered.
Copious flowers 
One impressive shrine 
Even children pass away, sadly
Not all are ornate, however.
Still remembered, just on a smaller budget
Often, families occupy condo blocks together.
Up, down and all around
With all due respect, some are just... "interesting".
I think this guy was a surveyor... 
...who surveyed trains and helped build ships 
Huh? Inside a tomb... 
...decorated with fake stars. 
Maybe this person shot a lot of clay pigeons 
Well, that's just... 
I think this dude like to drink 
That's probably there for a reason 
Not sure about displaying the medals
In the end, it was a large but not terribly interesting cemetery, though we appreciated the walking tour that took you to tombs and crypts that were architecturally significant.

The Poblenou district where the cemetery is located is near the beach on the northeast side of downtown, and got its name because it was the first of the "new villages" that was built outside the city walls. It has lots of old converted warehouses and industrial facilities that aren't very interesting. The main drag, however, is very pretty, as are all the "Ramblas" that you find around Barcelona.
Tree lined 
A wider view
They have a market just like all the rest of the markets in town run by the same City government that runs all the others -- that, like all the others, was closed in the middle of the afternoon when we were there.
Looks like every other closed market
Some of the buildings in Poblenou are quite pretty.
Very French Provincial 
Ornate exterior decorations 
This is the back of the building. Couldn't see the front well 
Poblenou streets
I think, in the end, we should have bit the bullet and visited Montjuic. Poblenou cemetery was OK but nothing special. Nice neighbourhood, though.

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