Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Doing... nothing

After a few hectic days, and a turn in the weather to cloudy and cool, we basically decided to do nothing for a few days. And when I say "nothing"...

Thie highlight of our Monday was watching the removal of an abandoned boat. It was just down the canal from our house, and looked like this when we noticed it Sunday night.
Our canal house is the pointy one centre right; the dead boat's in the middle 
The dead boat
How do they get rid of these? With a picker boat and a garbage barge.
Collecting it 
Picking up bits that fell out
Wow. Excitement.

Today was only slightly more exciting. Still cool and cloudy, we wandered the "9 Streets" area near our house, then parts of the Jordaan, just looking at stuff and  sauntering. Things we noticed included buildings that were "askew", plaques that adorned the buildings, and other architectural "stuff".
Portions of this building are not at 90° 
Did a hare once live here? 
The "Golden Kettle" 
The lower half of this building appears to be... slanted

Streetscape, A-Dam Style 
More streetscape 
Stag 1 
Stag 2 
"The Knight and the Rose" 
"Noah's Ark"... with an olive branch?
The Sun looks unhappy 
Only a bit bent 
A spinning wheel
Hope no one ever turns this on 
More on these later 
Bet this was bakery in 1647 
Again, more on this later. 
That says "foundation", but what's the tree for?
One of our "finds" today were the courtyards of Jordaan. Not all of the blocks here are solid buildings. Some have inner courtyards, some of these courtyards have houses in them, and some of those are open to the public (others are locked up as private residences).
Houses in a courtyard 
A pretty and private oasis 
Another part of the same courtyard 
A fountain in one 
Another one, this one square 
From another angle
The unsettled and cool weather looks like it will continue for a few days. Kinda making this up as we go; not sure what we will do tomorrow.

Thanks to my friend Edwin who helped me get the facade blocks interpreted. Read more about those here.

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