Monday, 21 July 2008

So far behind, I'll never catch up...

Blogging time has been very limited recently, and I'm getting WAY behind in critical posts. For the three of you who actually read this, here's what's coming up as soon as I can get some hours to do it:

1) Our New Condo. We took possession of our condo in Dead Man's Flats (near Canmore) on July 3rd. There'll be some shots of our new neighborhood and condo pictures.

2) WOLVES. Our first night in our condo we saw wolves. No photos, but a heck of a story.

3) Our Grotto Canyon hike. We bought out place to enable hiking, and in between assembling sofabeds, this was our first short walk, a mere 10 minutes from our place.

4) Floor Seats for James Taylor. I have always wanted to see James live, and this was the first time he came to Western Canada, so we splurged on 12th row floor seats.

5) Climbing Pigeon Mountain. Pigeon is literally right across the street from our condo. It's one heck of a 1,000 m vertical hike up, to a heck of a viewpoint, and we made it a lot harder by bush-bashing 4.5 km straight down instead of following the trail. Big mistake. Huge.

6) The Edmonton Indy Car Race. Okay, this hasn't happened yet (it happens this upcoming weekend) but by the time I get to it, it will be August.

So stay tuned, and please be patient.

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