Sunday, 28 December 2008

Ski Day 4: Powder Pigging!

Day 4: Dec 28
Vert: 7,420 m YTD Vert: 35,810 m
Runs: 11 YTD Runs:60

We awoke to puking snow and crappy roads. It normally takes 30 min to get from the West Wing to the Sunshine parking lot; today, it took 50 min. We were in the back parking lot, meaning we were about midway down Lot A with a 9:10 AM arrival, and were on the Goat's Eye lift at 9:50 AM. The first three runs were EPIC powder. Boot top to knee deep, light & fluffy and not too fast. Viz wasn't great, but who cared? Here's a taste of the upper part of Rolling Thunder.

It took a mere 4 runs to turn our legs to jello. Now, this could have something to do with skiing over 66,000 vertical feet in the previous 2 days, but still, the snow was intense and a blast.

We had to be back in Calgary for a Dinos Women's Basketball game this evening, so couldn't ski long. We opted to ski straight through to lunch, and depart the hill after lunch. So we pulled into lunch at 1:30 PM, having managed 11 runs in just over 3 1/2 hours. 11 epic runs of tree shots, monster steeps, and one whole heck of a lot of fun. We fell just short of 100,000 vertical feet in the three days, and now feel every vertical foot of it in our quads.

It was fairly busy on the hill, with cars parked 4.5 km past the gate.

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