Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ski Day 7: Back to Ontario?

Vert: 5,535 m YTD Cum Vert: 59,360 m
Runs: 15 YTD Cum Runs: 108

Based on a reported 36 cm in the last 4 days, we got to the Sunshine parking lot at 9:00 AM to find a 20 min, 2.5 km lineup just to park. Upon arrival at the huge Gondola line, we were informed by the staff that Goat's Eye, Angel, Divide and TP Town were all closed due to wind, and they were unexpected to open for the day. The Gondola was running at one quarter speed. Looking at the crowd -- by 9:30 the lots were full and they were already starting to park folks on the road -- we bailed and went to Norquay.

And after getting there, discovered why we don't ski Norquay very often. The virtual absence of lift lines did not make up for the rock hard ice and brutal hardpack man made snow that reminded me of the worst of the front face of Louise -- or any of the places I skied in Ontario growing up. The Spirit Chair, in particular, IS Ontario, with all of 630 ft (196 m) of vertical, very similar to Blue Mountain or Osler. The lunch rush was entertaining; they couldn't handle the crowd, and blamed it on Sunshine.

Still, aside from the odd gust, it was not windy, but if you're coming here sometime in the next few days, be sure to sharpen your edges. A lot.

Tragically no photos, as KC didn't bring out the camera...

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