Monday, 21 March 2011

Big White: The Trip Home

We had a really nice blue sky trip back from Big White. Leaving the hill you could see the top of Gem...
...and passing along Hwy 97 next to Lake Kalamalka, you could catch a glimpse of Silver Star.
There were lots of avis on the mountains at the Rodger's Pass
We got stuck with road closures twice, once for 10 min while they cleaned up an avi on the west entrance to Glacier National Park, and once for 20 min while they cleaned up a mudslide on the east entrance. These build interesting traffic jams full of bored drivers and kids.
We had beautiful views of Kicking Horse resort at Golden...

...and really nice views of the mountains towering over Field, BC.
We normally see bald eagles on this trip, and today was no exception. This monster was sitting in a tree about 300 m from a place we have seen baldies before just outside of Grindrod, which is south of Mara Lake and north of Vernon on the Shushwap River.
The blue sky ended (literally) at The West Wing, where an east wind was pushing clouds off the prairie and into the mountains. Other than that it was a perfect day to drive home.

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