Friday, 26 October 2012


It seems like every time we go to Maui, we run into something cool. Usually, it's an NCAA Div 1 tournament, but this year, we're too early for that.

Last week, we were on line seeing what was happening on Maui while we were here. We saw there was a concert. But not just any concert: a "supergroup". The Dukes of September. Who the heck are they?

Boz Scaggs.
Boz and his axe
Michael MacDonald, of Doobie Brothers fame.
Mister White Lightning
Donald Fagen, of Steely Dan.
He DOES exist!
MacDonald sang background vocals on some Steely Dan in the '70's and '80's. Scaggs did too, but he also played guitar. These three are obvious buddies from way back.

In the '70's, Steely Dan was so reclusive I was convinced that neither Fagen nor his partner Walter Becker even existed. But I loved their music. Last night, they played Hey 19, Peg, Kid Charlemagne, Reelin' In The Years and Pretzel Logic. Never thought I would hear those live.
I had one of those when I was a kid
Boz played Lowdown and Lido Shuffle from the album Silk Degrees. That album came out in 1976, my first year of University, and was played relentlessly in my residence. Four players on that album went on to form the group Toto.
He's gotten oder, but otherwise still plays great
Michael played Takin' It To The Streets. His vocals are suffering as he gets older (Scaggs no, Fagen only a bit), but that's another song I never throught I would hear live.
The backup band was awesome. The guitarist (Jon Herrington) was killer (he has been touring for the last decade or more with Steely Dan).
The trumpet. There were also 2 sax/flute players 
Three backup singers, keyboards, bass, drums, guitar.
It was an excellent concert.

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That sounds like a lot of fun!!!