Tuesday, 18 August 2015

July 6: Stupidly going to West Wind Pass

We were idiots on July 6. We woke to a beautiful morning, perfect for hiking, and spontaneously decided to head up to West Wind Pass for a picnic.

Except we should have taken a look at our calendar first. We had invited people over for lunch that day. So while were sitting on the top of a mountain enjoying the day, the great views, and our fabulous picnic, our guests were at our house wondering where we were, phoning and texting us.

Duh. Is that a senior moment?

It had been a while since we were up West Wind, one of our favourite places and a hike we send people to all the time. The views haven't changed...
On the way up. Mt. Nestor is the peak with the snow patch 
Nearing the top 
Looking up at the Rimwall 
Karen arriving at the pass 
Wind Ridge 
The Rimwall from the pass
Looking back at Goat Mtn.
...but the trail has changed a bit. Never official, it was always subject to a bit of braiding. There was a "lower trail" section that featured a harder crossing of a rather sheer rock face. Now someone has built a high bypass over that rock face (and marked it with red painted arrows!) that's far more dangerous and not recommended over the main trail marked with a cairn (plus, if you do go up there, any rock you kick off will come crashing down on people on the main or lower trails). There are other unmarked trails that split off to ascend the Rimwall. Newbies to the trail will hit junctions and not know what to do. Even Gillean's guidebook doesn't come close to describing all the new stuff.

In addition, a LOT more trails have appeared on the scree below the Windtower. I always thought these game trails. Maybe not.
Look at all the goat trails!
As we hit the bottom of the trail we ran into the construction crews on Day 1 of trail building for the High Rockies Trail, which crosses the West Wind Pass trail near the road. I don't think this cross trail will confuse anyone heading to the pass.

We finally realized we were stupid and had invited guests over around 3:00 pm when we got back into cell range and got their texts and phone messages. We sent flowers and apologies.

But we were still stupid.

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