Saturday, 15 August 2015

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

No, I actually don't know why it took me until mid-August to post about our Africa trip that happened in May. Perhaps it's because I uploaded over 1,300 photos, and they take time. However, if you're thinking of taking the Nomad Adventures safari from Cape Town to Victoria Falls, it was a blow by blow, animal by animal account of life in the truck.

But now we can move on. I was just looking at my hiking stats, and we're off to a slower start than usual, mostly because we both volunteer so much. Last week alone, I was out 2 days servicing wildlife research cameras, plus two days working on trail projects with the Friends of Kananaskis. So that was 4 days of "hiking" that I don't log because it's usually not that interesting to people other than me. My views look like this:

Views of Mt. Rundle while servicing cameras 
The Three Sisters in mist during camera servicing 
My friend Monty working on a trail in Boulton Creek 
Rock hardening of a mountain bike trail at the Nordic Centre 
Female moose and calf in the grass on the way to Boulton Creek 
Spiderwebs in my forest while camera servicing
But we have done some cool stuff, and I'm behind on posting about it.

  • We climbed King Ridge in early June
  • We got up into James Walker Creek
  • We just got back from 4 days camping in the Highwood, and got to Hailstone Butte, Plateau Mountain and Raspberry Ridge, plus got partway up an unnamed mountain
And I promise to post these soon, because to be frank, they were all beautiful.

Glad to be back without Africa posts hanging over my head.

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