Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Re-tracing Steps

My friends Mike & Hilda arrived late Monday; Mike and I are going to the Grand Prix later this week, then after the race, they are heading off to meet with relatives in Madrid. Between that and Karen coming down with a cold, we didn't do much on Monday; Karen was confined to bed (by me) for most of the day, and all I did was do a grocery run (in the pouring rain).

Today, the weather brightened (blue sky? No, but less grey) we took them on basically the same "adventure" as Saturday, visiting La Boqueria market, La Rambla and the Gaudi houses, so not much to add from that, though we did intercept a church we seemed to have missed Saturday...
An old one hiding in a square 
The spartan interior
...and better lighting (ie; less rain) made the flowers in Place Catalunya seem more interesting.
Art shot
The building weren't any more or less interesting, but we did notice details we missed last visit.
Right out of Lord Of The Rings
We paused for an al fresco lunch somewhere on Rambla Catalunya, then ended up saunteing back into the Barri Gothic where we (sort of) stumbled upon the Cathedral.
It appears...
Fairly large 
The apostles, I bet 
From below
The buttresses at the back of the church 
Narrow spaces
It was €7 to go in -- surprising, in that churches elsewhere in Europe are generally free, and this is the main Cathedral. Ah, well. Maybe later.

Just behind the church is one of the main history museums; we did not know what lay inside when we passed by, but learned later that under the building are Roman ruins. Another "later".
One of the squares 
The other side
Around here, the rain started again (this rain is getting boring. 5 days of rain in a row. The sun would be nice...). So we opted to head home and roast some dinner.

I find that as we stay here, the urge to cook something "interesting" is increasing, so tonight, we were all discussing rabbit recipes. There's a lot of "conjejo" available in the markets and grocery stores. Probably worth a try.

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