Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ski Day 27: Winter's Back

Vert: 9,620 m YTD Cum Vert: 251,625 m (that's over 825,000 vertical feet...)
Runs: 19 YTD Runs: 497

The day dawned bright, almost sunny, & cold...

and even though no fresh snow was reported, the stuff that fell yesterday must have blown in big time, because the turns from top to bottom were generally pretty soft, with highlights being anything above tree line, especially on Goat's Eye. There were a few hard pack and semi-icy sections here and there (mostly in the lift corrals) and the south facing slopes between Red 90, Boundary Bowl and Angel Flight had obviously been through more than a few freeze thaw cycles. But generally, the snow is in excellent shape.

And more fell. It clouded over completely by noon and snowed all afternoon.

Sadly, it was those micro sized things, not big fat fluffy flakes. The temp rose to zero at the base of Divide, and +8 in the village, but it sure felt colder.

Coverage remains excellent, with virtually no rocks, and only the extreme lower sections of the ski out (and the main track near the Curve Station) are showing damage. Hint: Take B-Line.

I spoke with some folks who did the Dive yesterday, and reports are that aside from a not terribly pleasant rocky entrance, it's apparently excellent, especially the lower sections. Ski Patrol has been bombing Silver City and cutting some lines, but no word if it will open or not.

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