Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ski day 43: It's all skied out

Vert: 10,675 m;   YTD cum vert: 367,450 m
Runs: 18;   YTD cum runs: 688

It amazes me. Two days ago there was knee deep powder as far as the eye could see. Today nary a fresh line remained. Sigh. Yesterday's sun did indeed do a number on some things, most notably the bottom of the South Side Chutes where there was a rather substantial sun crust. The top was nice and very soft in places. Some of the sweetest stuff we found in fact was just to skiers right of Cleavage.
Yours truly right of the Cleavage rocks
What it looks like from up there
Left and over the lip to go into Cleavage; right to avoid it
So generally soft moguls was the story of the day (that and fast cruising on groomers). A fair number of folks were there enjoying the day, which was generally sunny but featured clouds at lunch that actually flaked snow for a few minutes.
Divide and the top of Angel mid afternoon
Speaking of groomers, they like to groom stuff these days. A big swath was groomed on Bye Bye Bowl, plus two extra exit paths. While I like the latter, the former took out a bunch of stuff that was nice powder yesterday afternoon. Sigh some more.

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