Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ski day 46: Cruzin' in the Sun

Vert: 8,650 m;   YTD cum vert: 395,830 m
Runs: 16;   YTD cum runs: 736

I was joined today by my friend Norm for a day of cruzin' the blues (and blacks) on a day of pretty sunshine.
The village from Goat's Eye

Mt. Assiniboine from the top of Divide
It remained cool with fairly light winds, and the snow was generally soft most of the day. I didn't spend much time off the beaten path, but it would have been pretty lonely had I done so, given this kinda crowd on South Divide at 1:30 (yes, there is exactly one skier in this photo).
One guy on South Divide
It was a good day to be a tourist, so we walked up to the Delirium Dive overlook to have the wits scared out of us (well, out of me, because I'm afraid of heights).
The Delirium access stairs

Top of Delirium Main, Galaxy Chutes and Milky Way in the distance

Not an entrance to Starbucks or Bre-X, but next to one
Every time I stand up there I get the willies.

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