Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ski day 51: Some surprise powder

Vert: 10,750 m;   YTD cum vert: 439,335 m
Runs: 20;   YTD cum runs: 815

The forecast said it would be a carbon copy of Monday and Tuesday, and they were correct. Sunny AM...
The backside of Goat's Eye from the base of Wildside
...and cloudy PM. But there were some twists thrown in. I found 5-10 cm of fresh powder in Bye Bye Bowl in the afternoon.
Just missed the pole going into the snow

I know it wasn't there yesterday at 2:30 PM. I know it didn't snow in there today. But uniquely, it was only in Bye Bye Bowl. There was a touch on Green Run leading to Peyto Pass, and again on Assiniboine Trail, but there sure wasn't any in Boundary Bowl, on South 205 or South Pockets. So it looks like it either blew in or fell in an isolated snow shower late yesterday. Either way, it was sure nice. There were traces/dustings of snow elsewhere, too, but nothing as deep as in the Bowl.

Yesterday, I ran into an interesting guy from the British Army in for a few days on vacation from the UK. I took him for a single touring run through the south side chutes to show him some good stuff and the access routes, and lo and behold ran into him today playing in my powder stashes down there. In fact, a bunch of people have been using that traverse to access the nice powder, so many so that you can now see the traverse from Tee Pee Town chair. He and I did a few laps of the chutes together.

Lots of people continue to go in through Wildside and continue to Farside, as you can see by the tracks in the photo below.
Top of Wildside, and the Farside access
I think a new avi went off in the Dive over by Milky Way. There was a big debris field in Sugar Bowl that I'm sure wasn't there yesterday.

I post a lot of similar pictures (from obvious stopping spots and places I go regularly). Here's a new perspective on the day, from the Tee Pee Town chair at noon.
Fresh tracks in the powder dust field
There were two avi puppies up on the hill today, and it looked like they were doing training in Eagle Basin with them. I got to watch first thing this morning as the handler tried to load one of them onto a snowmobile. Apparently, the puppy was a rookie at this, as the puppy tried 5 times to get on, then finally his handler just grabbed him by the carrying handle on his harness and hauled him up. It was pretty silly to watch.


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