Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Becoming a famous actor

We heard on the radio last week that there was an open casting call for extras for a movie being filmed in the Canmore area. Why the heck not, I say?

The movie is SEX AND SUNSETS, and starts Ryan Kwanten and Catherine O'Hara.

Catherine's work I know. A former SCTV actress, she's a famous Canadian comedienne. She's been in lots of movies, like HOME ALONE & HOME ALONE 2, BEST IN SHOW, BEETLEJUICE and others.

Ryan's work is less on my radar screen. But then I'm not a 20-something girl -- apparently, Ryan's a hottie (I'm no judge).
Ladies? Votes?
We heard they were looking for extras for a wedding scene, so on Saturday -- after doing trail work all day -- KC and I got dressed up (extras supply their own wardrobe). Other than 2 weddings and a funeral, I haven't worn a suit for over 18 months. We walked in and the casting dudes seemed to love us and think us perfect for the roles.

Then they asked us if we would be willing to also come down to Pincher Creek for shooting there (something about continuity). Why the heck not, I say? Right now, we have nothing better to do, and word has it we're going to lose the power in the house for a few days next week. And all of this filming is supposed to happen next week, starting Tuesday, I gather.

Still, as of this moment, we haven't heard back from the casting agency. Have we been cast? I hope so, because "hurry up and wait" sounds like fun to me. We've been researching "how to be an extra" and understand fully that it involves a whole lot of staying out of the way, doing the same thing over and over, doing nothing, listening, not bothering the talent or the crew, long days, and traveling to places like Pincher Creek.


Edwin said...

Have fun! Please make sure to let us know if you've been selected!

Astrid said...

How fun, I think Ryan is best know for his role on True Blood.

you will have to let us know if you get cast!