Friday, 17 August 2012


We came home yesterday after hiking to find our kitchen was gone. Evacuated. Destroyed. Gonzo. (I would say yipee!!!! but it would sound crass.)
Boarded up 
No more shelves 
No more counters, sink or dishwasher 
No more stove 
Broken up and in the dumpster
We are now officially on the new "Coleman Stove, BBQ and Microwave" diet for 2 months.

The digger dude and electrical dude also came and trenched in our underground power.
The new underground lines 
Napping digger dude 
The conduit came through the alley
We were hoping they could trench up to the fence in the alley, then trench up to the fence in the yard. Alas, not to be, and they had to remove a fence section.
We would have pulled it for them, but didn't know it was needed
This does mean that we will be without power for several days next week, though when and for how long, we are not sure.

We also took delivery of the windows and door.
Great, except...
They're wood. They were supposed to be white vinyl. Oops.

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