Monday, 4 January 2010

Ski Day 7: Dead in the Clouds

Vert: 9,250 m YTD Cum Vert: 69,000 m
Runs: 14 YTD Cum Runs: 114

A minor dusting overnight relative to the last 2 powder days; they said 7 cm and I would agree. Trouble is, 7 cm wasn't enough to do much. So I didn't find any powder stashes, but then due to my tired legs, I didn't look hard. And we had very tired legs. For instance, we wanted to do something easy on the first run. The board said Rolling Thunder was groomed, so we tried it. Not groomed. Not easy. By the end of just the first run, things hurt.

The weather kinda sucked all day, too.

It was mostly overcast with low to moderate wind, -4° to -8°, with light snow on and off, and from Goat's Eye, it looked like cloudbase was around the top of Angel, with the top of Standish shrouded, too.

Certainly the top of the Dive was cloudy most of the day, and they launched more than a half dozen avi bombs into it before opening it. There's something inherently disconcerting about having an avi bomb go off "nearby". Scares the heck out of me each time.

Due to what looked like patchy viz up in the Village and on Divide, we decided to stay on Goat's Eye for the day, where the viz stayed generally OK. Crowd was way down from yesterday; neither the A nor B lots were full, so there was never a line at Goat's Eye all day. The net result of this was that our legs were totally jello by 1 PM, so we decided to head down for lunch then head home.

Point of interest: We had 34 ski days and over 1,000,000 vertical feet last year for the whole season. At this point in this season, we have more vert than we had last season in mid February. We have skied 20% of the total number of days, and already covered 225,000 vertical feet. Methinks we will break last season's numbers handily.


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