Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ski Day 20: Back To Big White

Vert: 10,355 m YTD Cum Vert: 209,329 m
Runs: 22 YTD Runs: 361

After a cruddy and extended drive over yesterday (due to the an accident closing the Trans Canada between Field and Golden, necessitating an hour detour via Radium and missing a trip over the cool new bridge), we are once again installed at Big White for a week.

It snowed about 25 cm on Friday. We had heard that Saturday was the busiest day on the hill all year, and it looked like it by the traffic heading down as we were heading up. And the hill clearly showed evidence of freshies.

We were all over the mountain today, from the Sun Bowl to the Cliff to the Enchanted Forest, rather enjoying the conditions.

The weather (as you can see) was mostly sunny, but there was a wicker kick butt wind at the top of Gem, and it was generally warm, with peak temps in the +3° that felt a lot warmer that with the sun. In fact, late in the PM, some of the snow down low was getting sloppy. Word has it that it could snow tonight, not that more coverage is needed. It is, however, nice to be back in really soft fresh powder.

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