Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Basketball updates?

News from my world of basketball:

  • My friends Ross and Henry Bekkering are playing again this season in the Netherlands. Henry is staying with Nijmegan, while Ross (who just got married) is going back to Leiden where he played the season before last.
  • Robbie Sihota is also headed to Nijmegan. He played for Rotterdam a while back, and was the league's top rebounder (though Rotterdam sucked as a team and was DFL -- dead f$%*ing last -- in the league). Robbie played in Edmonton for a pro league last season.
  • The UofC Girl's team has finally signed a new coach. Damian Jennings comes to us from Wales where he coached at Cardiff. He was nabbed by our Athletic Director Ron Wuotila who also happens to be Head of Basketball Operations and High Performance Manager for British Basketball (and is at this moment in the UK working with the team in prep for the Olympics). If you're from Europe and know anything about British basketball, its worthwhile to read more about Damian here (Edwin, this means you). Damian won't join us until after the Olympics. Not sure what this does for our recruiting and prep this year (no recruiting announcements have been made).
  • Our former women's coach, Shawnee Harle, has joined Alberta Basketball as the Director of Coaching Development and Technical Director.

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