Monday, 23 July 2012


Last Thursday, the big equipment arrived to start digging our hole.
The machine parked in my back yard
The digger driver dude took one look up and saw we had overhead wires servicing our power, cable and telephone. He could work around the power, but they had to cut my cable, and as a result, my internet. So they cut them.

Now, this wasn't that big a deal. I spent the weekend up in Edmonton watching the Indy car race (which I may post about if I get the chance)...
Attacking a corner 
Leaning in
Former F1 driver Reubens Barrichello signing autographs  
The Star Mazda race 
Racing in the rain
Former F1 driver Sebastien Bourdais, plus Justing Wilson missed the majority of the digging of the hole, which apparently only took Thursday afternoon to dig. But I saw the aftermath when we arrived home today.
The hole. The pile of dirt in the background 
Looking into the hole at the sump. Sub-footing gravel appears
How the worker dudes get into the hole. Note the pipe.

Looking back at the hole. Foundation forms in place 
The pile of dirt covering my lawn 
The digger that digged it
I'll have to ask my contractor what that pipe is that's sticking out of the wall about half way down. Looks lie it comes out from behind my stairwell, but I'm pretty sure there's no pipe inside the house. Hmmn. You don't suppose it's the route the mice use to get in, do you?

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