Thursday, 26 July 2012

Crib (not the game)

Cribbage is one of my favourite card games (almost the only one I like). Cribbing is the process of putting up forms for concrete. Both are shortened to crib.

The cribber dudes started dropping off supplies yesterday, and today, started erecting the forms for the foundation walls.
Exterior cribs up
Those wire things dangling from the exterior cribs...
A close up
...are inserted through holes in the interior cribs and fixed using steel rods outside the cribs. This is how the cribs stay together when filled with concrete.

The dudes got the interior walls partially finished but the heavens opened with rain at around 3:30, so they bailed for the day.
Water pours from my downspout during the storm
We were hoping the concrete dudes would pour tomorrow. They might. But they might not.

We also found out today that the building inspector, who has to inspect the foundations and footings before the flooring and framing can begin, only visits my hamlet on Thursdays. We were hoping to start the interior demolition on Monday; a lack of inspection means that can't happen until a week Monday, so I have my kitchen for at least another week. We had already started assembling the temporary kitchen, and were about to start packing it up. It's a good job we found out at this point.

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