Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Montreal Grand Prix, Part 1

The Grand Prix was early this year. Mike, John and I had our usual seats in Senna Corner. Here's the view from the top of our grandstand.

This is about as far as you can get from the entrance to the track, but we think it's the best view. However, Mike's knee I think would have preferred to be at the other end of the track at the hairpin.

I said last year that the best part of Montreal was the ability to get "up close & personal" with the cars. I tend to do this on Friday (there's fewer folks at the track, and thus more room at the fence) and Sunday after the race. Let's start with Friday shots. First, Jarno Trulli (my fave) being chased by his team mate Timo Glock...

Kimi Raikonnen...

David Coulthard...

...and Lewis Hamilton.

Careful observers will note the first two shots feature the cars shod in wet condition tires. Friday wasn't nice. It drizzled in the morning and was only 15°. It "warmed up" in the afternoon to 18°, and the track did dry a bit.

Friday also features folks testing the limits and failing. Add a damp track and you get spins and slides. Former world champion Fernando Alonso lost it in the afternoon practice right in front of us. At first the marshals tried to push him out, but then he bailed, and they hauled his car off with a crane.

Adrian Sutil tried out the grass for fun.

Our seats were the best ever. All the last group of shots were from our seats, as are these.

Friday for the last few years has brought SpeedTV's broadcaster Peter Windsor to our end to hang out for an hour or so, and this year not only did I get his picture, I also went down and said hi. That's him on the left in the black fleece.

Next post: Saturday practices, support races and babes...

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