Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Montreal Grand Prix, Part 2

Boy, I am behind in my posts. Blame Canmore & Wyoming.

Saturday at the rand Prix features support races, including the Ferrari Challenge (rich guys racing their 430's)...

...the Formula BMW series, which wasn't that interesting, since there was little passing and not much action at our corner...

...and the GT3 race with Porche 911's that was even less interesting.

So back to the F1 stuff. Saturday is qualifying. It was sunny and hot (32°) and humid (70%). During practice, they actually do some racing, then they space themselves to get a good qualifying lap. Here's David Coulthard chasing Kimi Raikonnen:

DC on his own...

...and Fernando Alonso chasing Adrian Sutil.

When the guys qualify, they push, and push hard, so make mistakes. Here's Jarno, first taking the corner the way he should, then getting bent out of shape and turned around. He put all the grass and stuff on the track.

There's a story about all the photos above. Friday night, on the way off the track, I managed to throw my camera onto an asphalt pathway, and it busted. So by long distance and the internet, KC tracked me down a Montreal camera store that was open at 9 AM on Saturday that carried Olympus. They confirmed my camera was a goner, but the memory card was fine and no shots were lost. I was only about 15 minutes late getting to my seat, and now I am the proud owner of an Olympus SP-560UZ. An expensive day.

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