Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Amsterdam Architecture

It goes without saying that Amsterdam's canal houses, mostly built in the 1600's would be interesting. Couple that with pretty canals and bridges and you get classically interesting architecture.
Just up the canal from our apartment
As I have noted, they do falling over buildings well, too.
A tippy place for tipsy people
But they also do "modern" well here. Take the library:
Avante garde, but interesting 
An interesting roof line, too
Take this wave shaped building, which I think is just the entrance for a concert hall:
All glass on the waterfront
Or this pair of buildings, one of which takes the concept of "leaning" to extreme:
No idea what Klimmuur Centraal is, but it fell over
Or this Metro station (look hard), which proves they can mix old and new.
Hiding in plain view
Or NEMO, the Science Centre, where we went today.
Fun building, fun place
I like science centers, and NEMO's a pretty good one. If you could get rid of the screaming school kids more intent on having fun than learning anything, it would be even more fun.

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Edwin said...

Klimmuur centraal = a indoor climbing facility (hense the inclination)