Sunday, 29 May 2011

White and gold

For some reason, there were a lot of people (mostly women) wandering around Amsterdam this weekend wearing all white with gold accents. And they were generally not kids, but 35-50 year olds, and they were everywhere. We even saw some on the train back from Den Haag today. Here are a few examples, and these photos were taken over the space of 3 days:
Gold lamé pants?
He had gold chains. She had a gold sequined waistbelt
Three gold lamé hats. Two gold sashes
Braving the cold, but no lamé
Gold lamé scarves and tiaras
Any guesses? Or have gold lamé pants come back into style, and I just missed the memo?


Anonymous said...

We saw them too , not a clue either?

Anonymous said...

Concert fot a band called Toppers, King and Queen theme , not a youth band hence the middle aged party goers