Sunday, 29 May 2011

My boys both won

As I posted here a few weeks back, it's the finals of the Dutch basketball league, and I personally know two brothers who play, one on each of the teams in the final.

The series was best of 7, and going into today's final, Leiden had won all three of their home games, and Groningen had won all three of theirs. The game I saw (the first of the series) was very, very close, and I knew the series would go the distance.

And it did, and then some. Leiden won today, but only by one point, 96-95 -- in the 3rd overtime period. That is the definition of closely match basketball teams.

Congratulations to Ross, Henry and their teams, who are all winners to me.

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Edwin said...

Yep, we lost a sizzler... But we'll be back stronger next year. The future of both Bekkerings is still up in the air. The (especially Ross) might however end up on a roster somewhere in Holland for next year as they also have dutch citizenship (their dad is dutch) and that makes them very interesting players for dutch teams asa they have to carry on obligatory 6 dutch players on the roster next year.

Any thoughts on the nba finals?

Eventhough I would like Dallas to win it all, I can't see Miami drop more than one game.

Go Dirkules!