Sunday, 26 December 2010

Ski Day 5: A Study in Contrasts

Vert: 9,055 m YTD Cum Vert: 41,035 m
Runs: 18 YTD Cum Runs: 80

It dawned warm (-3° at Goats Eye Base at 9:15) and sunny with a moderate breeze, and in fact the mountains were very pretty.

However, the morning snow conditions were pretty marginal. The winds and traffic of the last 24 hrs had combined to make everything scraped, with stones and rocks showing up all over the place. On Goat's Eye, only Sunshine Coast, Gold Freefall and Wildfire were worth skiing; Silver Scapegoat was a sea of hazards and scraped clear...

...Old Chute a windblown ice strip, Rolling Thunder too rocky in the middle section. We were tempted to have lunch and leave, but a snow shower blew in at about 11:30 and stayed until 1:30. Compare the first picture with the one above, taken at virtually the same place of virtually the same thing.

After 1:30, the sun came through again, and there was mostly excellent light for the afternoon.

The snow that fell was made up of really tiny flakes, and not that much accumulated (perhaps 2-5 cm plus blow in). But what a difference in the PM conditions. Silky stuff that was a real treat to turn in everywhere except the really exposed spots that had blown clear.

The Angel Hill where the old chair ran was an absolute gem for some reason. So the afternoon was a gas. Then it socked in again at 3 and became almost dark and started to snow again, and was still snowing in the parking lot at 3:45 when we left.

Here's hoping it snows all night. The little fluff that fell was great, but we need 10-15 cm to bury the rocks.

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