Sunday, 25 November 2007

Them Maui Underwater Shots

Snorkling was OK this trip; not spectacular, but we had some good days. We arrived at the end of a Kona storm, which makes South Maui (where we stay) a little murky. Visibility improved after a few days, and then the viz alternated between good and OK for the rest of the time. We saw about 20-30 turtles, 4-6 octopus and about 6-8 eels. These species are what we call "the big three", and a great morning outing we get to see all three in one dive. The best sightings were:

1) At our favourite beach, 6 turtles at once swimming within 20 feet of us;
2) At Ulua beach, two octopus meeting and not getting along;
3) At Ahihi Bay, a ton of fish

So here's some shots, scanned in from a disposable underwater camera.

The red bump in the centre of this shot is an Octopus staring at me unhappily.

Here's a snowflake moray.

Some turtle shots. They have a tendency swim around like they own the place, and they sorta do.

This is the best group tutle shot I got; there's 4 in the frame, but only 3 are visible.

KC likes to find flounder, and considering they like to masquerade as sand, finding them is quite a trick.

Finally, the blob on the centre right of this next shot is a black sea cucumber. They "eat sand" (at least, they eat the organic matter that's on the sand).

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