Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Stampede 2009

Had the privilege of going to the Stampede Rodeo this year with the folks from Blake's, and sitting in the infield grandstand, where the view is GREAT.

On top of that, we were treated like royalty by a friend of ours who is the Chairman of the Courtesy Car committee, getting a ride onto the grounds right up to our grandstand, and the wonders of a chute tour (where you find out up close and personal that these folks are well and truly nuts for wanting to ride wild livestock for a living).

You have to admire people who are willing to do this. They bull rider with the fractured disc, the saddle bronc rider with the broken leg -- I'm sure their doctors approve of this as physiotherapy.

Even the less death defying events are fun to watch.

But I root for the animal, and it's most fun when it wins.

Once again, thanks to my friends David & Gavin at Blake's for inviting us this year.

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