Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ski Day 9: More of the Same

Vert: 10,430 m YTD Cum Vert: 91,680 m
Runs: 16 YTD Cum Runs: 150

There were a lot of similarities to yesterday. OK to good vis in the AM...

...and a cloud hanging on the top of Divide providing pretty flat light and marginal viz for the top third of the chair.

In the afternoon, sun even broke out on Wawa for a while -- but we weren't on Wawa.

The snow was even more scraped, as expected, and there are even more rocks showing, but otherwise conditions remain fine. It was Avalanche Awareness Day 2, and I learned how to do a search with an avi transceiver, while KC looked at snow profiling, and we watched a few kids get rescued by avi puppies.

Vert wise, at 91,000 m, we are now where we were last year on Feb 14 -- a month ahead of sched.

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