Sunday, 6 February 2011

Ski Day 15: Blue sky & pow

Vert: 8,665 m YTD Cum vert: 117,925 m
Runs: 14 YTD Cum Runs: 207

Saturday was a great day skiing. Another powder day, though only 10 cm or so, but it made for excellent turns all over. We (like many) had a late arrival due to an accident that blocked the highway for a half hour just before the 1A turnoff (a collision around 8 AM resulted in a roll over, and they closed the road for 15 min at 8:45 to get the vehicles off the road). The AM was beautifully sunny and not cold (-8° ish), the PM was mostly sunny too, and the combination of sun and very nice temps all day meant everything was great.

And here's a rare shot of me enjoying the pow.

It did, however, sock in as the afternoon progressed, and as we left, it had started snowing. However, the PM light was never terrible, so the whole mountain was skiable.

Though it was busy, with cars 3.9 km past the gate, there were only short PM lineups at Goats Eye and Wawa. So our vert was low due to the late arrival, plus we also had to leave early to get back to town to see the U of C Dinos men's and women's basketball teams win both games (though, in truth, they could win in a way that didn't cause me to chew my fingernails so much). The girls were led by Ashley Hill, who after scoring a mere 38 points on Friday, added another 34 on Saturday. She rocks.

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