Thursday, 12 May 2011

iPhoto Sucks

I continue to fight with iPhoto, which is software I can now honestly NOT recommend under any circumstances. It has been eight weeks of frustration after an "upgrade" of the software made 35,000 photos vanish into thin air.

I have been on the Apple discussion forums since early April trying to find a solution. Based on advice on the boards, I tried a series of fixes that made the problem go from bad to worse. I downloaded two extra pieces of software that didn't help. Last night, I finally managed to get all 35,000 photos back, but an hour later, they disappeared again.

Honestly, there's nothing I like better than spending my vacation fighting to make software work. I wasted hours in Toronto at my brother's house trying to recover them (so I could show him photos of our new house, but no fix, so he never did see them). And I have spent several hours here in Amsterdam as well, since I didn't want to unload new photos until I had a safe place to put them.

I give up. I downloaded Picassa and will be using that for the remainder of the trip, while continuing to try and get my 35,000 photos back from never-never land.

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