Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ski day 49: Breaking 1,000,000 -- and snowshoeing

Vert: 8,660 m    YTD cum vert: 310,530 m (1,018,538 ft)
Runs: 20    YTD cum runs: 679

Last year, it took me 31 ski days to make 1,000,000 vertical feet, and it took until April 1st to do it. The year before that, 36 ski days and April 17th. In my 08/09 season, it was 33 ski days and May 16th. I'm not sure what these stats tell me other than (1) I'm getting less vert per day than before, and (2) I might break 2,000,000 this year...

And if skiing wasn't enough today, we also went on 5 km snowshoe through the forests of Big White at the end of the day.
Kickin' up the snow
We saw dudes on strange snow bike contraptions.
Tracked strangeness
We found lynx tracks.
10 cm tracks, back foot smaller than front
We "broke trail" -- if only for a moment.
Yours truly, up to my knees
But mostly we stuck to the trails and looked at cool wildlife tracks, while remembering how much work snowshoeing is.
Deep snow; deep tracks
You can read about our Big White week here.

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