Sunday, 17 June 2012

Home and late

We may have arrived back from our trip 2 weeks ago, but it has been a very hectic 2 weeks as we strive to get our life back in order. Many, many posts are to come on the events, including:

  • My car. The insurance company wrote it off, so I had to buy something new;
  • Montreal and the Formula 1 race. Year 8 (I think) of my attending the race. It rained this year, too, but not on race day.
  • Our reno project. The Municipal District put some conditions on our approval, and we've been working to clear those.
  • Too many airplanes. I spent 10 hours in the two Smithsonian Museums, and will post a "best of the best" of what I saw, including a photo of a plane from which I am only one degree of separation.
  • Working on the trails. I spent a day volunteering to repair and close some trails, plus put in area closure warning signs. My knees got into the local paper.
So here we go. Stay tuned!

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