Saturday, 6 October 2012

The roof is finally finished

The roofers showed up and started roofing on September 21st, and finished Thursday, 14 days after they started. I suppose they were doing well on the days they were here -- until the sunroom, where the re-flashing of the skylights took 4 days instead of 1, and entailed the total disassembly of the skylight. 
Torching on the torch on bit 
Working on a nice day
It dumped rain earlier this week before the roof was finished, but there were no leaks (at least not through the roof). It also snowed this week, and in fact snowed while a skylight was off, so it snowed into the house (but only for about 2 minutes until they got the tarp on).
Out of focus shot of the finished roof
What did happen this week was that the basement leaked during the rainstorm. This was because of all the water pouring off the new roof and no eavestroughing to re-direct it. With no where to go, it all ran to the alcove in the centre of the photo and leaked into my stairwell. Not that much came into the house, and nothing was damaged (though the mice who seem to live down there may have taken up scuba diving). The eavestroughing should be installed next week.

The painter dude also started this week, first putting a scratch coat on the walls, then spray painting the doors -- leaving rather entertaining marks.
I like it
A lot of other minor stuff got done, including filling the space at the base of the drywall, putting casing around the windows, pulling an errant pipe from the floor, prepping the back yard for the landscapers (whenever they may come), and replacing the last bits of shot siding.
Apparently, there was nothing behind that siding. It was the only thing between the squirrels and the attic.


Terence Watthens said...

Even though the roofers encountered some problems along the way, it is good that they delivered the kind of quality work you’d expect from them. You now that they did a great job when rain fails hard on your roof, and you don’t see a single sign of leakage anywhere. Anyway, how is the roof now? Just make sure to do maintenance on it every once in a while to avoid having those kinds of problems in the future.

Sarai Loftis said...

It was kind of a bad news that rain poured before the eavestrough was installed, but I assume that issue’s been resolved. I particularly like the color of the roof; its combination with the sidings gives the house a cabin-esque appearance. Oh, are you planning to renovate the sidings on the attic? Squirrels aren’t your only problem, when they wear out in the future. Anyway, congrats on the new roof!

RyderDA said...

All has been fine since the roof and eavestrough got finished. We fixed the siding up on the attic, putting proper boards behind it. No, we just have to make sure the squirrels, martens and other critters we have stay out of it.

Chantay Smithingell said...

Let me join the discussion, Ryder. :) Regarding the attic, I think it is fine the way it is because its position is not that exposed to trees (that’s judging from the pictures). What I would like to focus on is the skylight. I reckon that the skylights are concentrated on the right portion of the house. Have you considered placing them on the different areas of the house?

RyderDA said...

The skylights were there when we bought the place. I wouldn't have put them in; notorious for leaks, and it took the roofer dudes 2 solid days to flash them properly. In fact at least one of them showed evidence that it was the source of one of the two roof leaks I mentioned in an earlier post.

I wouldn't move them to different places in the house. I thought about taking them out altogether, but the interior of the room features a cedar vaulted ceiling. Removing the skylights would leave holes that would be virtually impossible to fix.

Nonetheless, everything is fixed now.

Thanks for your questions!

Lenore Lung said...

Hm, I think your skylights gave you more worries than advantages. Anyway, I’m glad everything’s fixed now, and that there are no more leaks caused by the skylights. The only thing for you to do now is to inspect your roof every now and then, so you can immediately spot any small damage, before it even gets worse and expensive to repair.