Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Tiler dude returned first thing this morning, and in a matter of hours, tiled both behind the sink...
Tiled, not grouted
...and behind the stove. The plumber dude was also here, and he hooked up the stove, though I can't use it since we have to wait for a few days before re-hanging the hood fan, plus the fan's wiring has to be reconnected.
Wonder where the fan will go?
The tile needs to sit for at least 3 days before it can be grouted so the grout colour doesn't run, so it may be Monday before he's back.

The painter dude was also here for a short while, painting the closet where the washer/dryer will live. We could move them upstairs, but need the electrician to put the plug in place, and the infamous "somebody" to connect the dryer vent.

Countertop dude also came by and took away the slab of quartz, leaving me with a sheet of corrugated plastic sign board with which to cut a template to fit the space. Not sure when he'll have the quartz cut, but it's really no rush.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to have cabinet dude installing the panels for the fridge.


Llisa said...

That's a lot of dudes.

Edwin said...

And a lot of smal tiles as well...