Friday, 5 April 2013

Efficient (perhaps too efficient?) service

In yesterday's post, I mentioned we had called the septic tank pump out dudes to come on Monday. The plan was to have them pump the tanks out, then get back the dudes with the camera to look back into the drain and see what was up.

In Canmore, plans rarely work as planned.

In a fit of outstandingly good service -- excessively good service, in this case -- we got home from skiing today to a phone message. The septic tank dudes had come today "because they were in the neighbourhood" and pumped the tank out for us.

Because we weren't here, we couldn't ask them why the level was high. Or why the two tanks seemed to not be well connected. Nor if they could pressure wash the connection, or wash the line in from the house.

So we called and explained what was happening with our sewage fountains. They apologized. Apologized? For coming ahead of schedule and doing the service early? I'm not sure why they should apologize. A whole lotta Canmore businesses could learn customer service from these guys. No, this was my fault for not telling them in advance what our issues were.

I've just become so accustomed to "Canmore time" with the businesses here that the folks who actually deliver on time -- like these septic tank dudes, my general contractor and a handful of others -- well, they just impress the heck out of me. And having lived here a while, I'm not used to the good service I get from them.

As I said, we called them. Once I told them what was happening, they promised to come back Monday as scheduled to help us sort out our problem.

Live in Canmore? Got a septic problem? Call these dudes.

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Alan said...

Good service is 'as agreed'. Early can be just as bad as late. However we are so used to late that early impresses us, even if it was inconvenient.