Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The finished fence

Because I took you through the first 4 days of the project, I figured it only fitting that we finish it together.

When last we left, all that was left to do was the gates. Gate 1 had been framed on Day 4, but not hung or had boards attached.

We used those gate kits you can buy that claim to not allow the gates to sag. This is the second time I've used them; this kit was easier to put in but doesn't seem nearly as sturdy. While they seem to work fine, they're not that simple to put together when you're working on a 69" wide gate. Final assembly required me rolling around on the ground for a while, screwing in big, heavy, hard to drive screws at awkward angles.
Trying to line up the parts.
With two frames made...
Tiny L brackets in the corners with this kit
...the next goal was to hang the first exactly level...
Looking good 
Darn near perfect
...then hang the second gate so that it meets cleanly and is also level.
Slightly off, but good enough for me
In truth, the levelness of the gates is a strictly driven by how perfectly vertical the posts are.

Once the two frames were up, then the boards got hung...
Nearly done
All up
...and the various hardware gets installed to keep it closed.
A cane bolt driven into my cement-like ground
And thus, the project is finished.
The view from the alley 
The view from the house
I offer thanks to Laurie Chase, Conservation Officer Arien Spiteri, plus Bernard and the rest of the Bow Valley Stewards, who taught me everything there is to know about planting fenceposts. I really should post that story sometime.

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