Saturday, 8 February 2014

Feb 8: See Yesterday

Note: as my site remains down, here's today's ski report

Aside from being slightly cooler than yesterday (highs in the village -17° instead of -14°; highs on Divide -19° instead of -16°), today was a carbon copy of yesterday. Same sun...
The village, 11:45
...same powder remnants...
Assiniboine Trail, 12:20 PM 
Looking at Divide base
...same "dust on crust" in Bye Bye Bowl...
Untracked, but...
...same exposed rocks in Bye Bye, too.
Not something you want to hit
There was hardly anyone here today (for a Saturday). And my feet nearly froze off after 2.5 hrs in the parking lot, where it was REALLY cold this morning.

But it was a great cruising day, especially in the sunny places in the afternoon, and the utter lack of wind made it actually feel "warm" while you were standing still. Everyone dressed properly seemed to be having fun; we had some frostbite cases, but not that many. 

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