Sunday, 31 August 2014

Walking in the woods, finally

The original hope after I broke my leg was to be back walking by July and into the woods again by August. Then there was that setback, when I injured myself doing an exercise my physiotherapist gave me. Initially, it felt like a 3 week setback, but then I had knee problems, and 3 weeks became 6.

Today, I entered the woods for the first time since early April when I was out servicing bear cameras. Okay, it wasn't all that exciting -- just a 4.5 km trip to the Banff Park boundary markers and back. But it was exciting for me.

Since the last time I was on this short trail, someone built a new bench in the middle of nowhere out of plastic and pressure treated wood --  next to an older bench that was in the middle of nowhere.

Not much of a view
It is trying to turn fall here.
We call it the Elk Meadow 
Some plant Karen doesn't know
I made it to the park boundary & back -- 4.5 km round trip -- with only leg muscle fatigue as an issue. Well, that and walking on a really crappy trail. Maybe I'm just out of practice.
Park Boundary marker
Warning signs at the park edge
The meadows inside the park. Mt. Rundle in the background 
More meadows. Peaks of the Fairholme Range
It seemed like a good day to play with HDR photos.
What it sorta looked like 
HDR version 
More of it
Even though we have run across a few bears in our 'hood in the last week or so, we saw only old bear poo to suggest any are around. We saw a few elk tracks, and not much else, except for this female spruce grouse.
Pretending she isn't there 
Trying to be invisible
There were other cool things, like fireweed in serious bloom...
Very red
...and a mushroom growing out of a tree.
Strange, that
It was nice to get back into the woods. I'm headed up to Sunshine Meadows on Thursday to explore with my fellow SnowHosts. Here's hoping the weather holds.

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