Sunday, 28 September 2014

Go ahead, mice. I dare you.

Today was "get at the one spot we couldn't get at" day in the war against the mice.

I cut a small trap door in the deck to expose the corner where they are coming in.
A porthole in the deck
I moved a few rocks to gain a really good sightline to their entry point.
See the chewing?
Then I filled the whole freaking space with expanding anti-pest foam.
Immediately after application 
10 min later, the foam is still expanding
It took the whole can, but there's no freaking way they're getting through that.

Come on, dudes. I dare you. The house is now closed, buddies.


bonnecavesman said...

Scottish "WISDOM"?
---foresight may be vain
The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft a-gley
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain
For promised joy.

Greek Wisdom: Beware HUBRIS

Mus msuculus Wisdom: "Rodent proof foam! We're comin' in---SUCKA!!!!!

Enjoy your temporary respite. Don't sell Jell-o!!
PS: Are you and Karen travelling this winter and needing house care Jell-o supervision? Greetings from Eastern Ontario. You could look at Google re some recent Algonquin Park fall colors which contract nicely with your attractive Larch photos posted recently, Wally.

RyderDA said...

We're in Maui right now, so that boat has sailed. However, if you're planning on being out west in May, that's when we're in Africa...

Just saw the colours in Algonquin. I miss maple trees. Larch are nice but can't really compete.

bonnecavesman said...

We'll chat re your May dates when we are both back on this continent. In the meantime have a great time in Maui. Bev and I leave in about a week and a half for Nepal. Should be back to Canmore for orientation : Inshallah.