Sunday, 30 December 2007

Skiing Day 1

Vertical: 7,815 m Cum to date: 7,815
Runs: 14 Cum to date: 14

Our first day this season (due to many factors) was December 29th. Sunshine had record crowds on Friday (7,300) and word had it it was just as bad on the 29th. I'd believe it. We got there spot on time at just before 9, and there was a 6 km traffic jam to park. We were farther back in the parking lot than we have ever been, at Row 52, right at the end of Lot A. As we left, there was a line of cars 4.6 km long outside the gate on the road. Busy day.

And by the folks we talked to, they found crowds, but as usual, we didn't. We started at Goat's Eye, stayed till 12:15 pm, headed to the Creekside Lounge in the Parking Lot for lunch, then rode back up to Divide via the Village. The only line we stood in all day was for Angel. Divide and Angel were apparently a zoo, but there was hardly anyon eon Goat's Eye, and in the afternoon, Divide was empty.

The snow was great, best on Divide near the top of Angel, but early season coverage everywhere was very good. On Goat's Eye, Rolling Thunder had been groomed and was very sweet. Bye Bye Bowl, normally good, was moguled.

It was a bit cool, at -11 to -13, with the coolest on Divide where there was a little bit of wind. There was some sun, and viz was pretty good the whole day, with only the odd period of flat light.

Vert was very low for several reasons. First, the traffic jam to get into the parking lot. Second, the time it took to activate our Sunshine Cards. Between the two, our first lift ride at Goat's Eye wasn't until 10:15 when it's normally 9:30-ish. Finally, we had to bail early as we had to get home for a basketball game. We left the top of Divide at 2:50 pm, and with a pit stop at the base lodge, were home at 5 and made the game tip off at 6 with 10 minutes to spare.

All in all it was a great way to break in the season. And I'm sore, so it was a very good day.

No, no photos. Why not? I'm still looking for a small camera to cary while skiing.

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