Sunday, 30 December 2007

Dinos Dominate in the Hopewell Holiday Hoops

My girls -- the nationally 8th ranked U of C Dinos Women's Basketball team -- won all three games of their holiday tournament, against Laurentian, Victoria and Carelton.

Friday saw a horrid game against Laurentian. "Christmas rust," Coach Harle called it. In the first half, we were terrible. Turnovers, flopped shots, it was a mess. Poor Ashley Hill, a great three point shooter, couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, couldn't hold on to the ball -- she started a mess, ending the first half with no points. The ever-smiling Whitney Haswell got two fouls in the first 5 minutes, and another in the 2nd quarter, so spent the majority of the game on the bench -- which was a shame, because she was an energetic spark the few minutes she did get. Courtney Coyle had an OK first half, with 10 points. And so we were basically even with Laurentian the whole half, going into the half up by 4 at 33-28. We sank exactly 1 of 14 3-point shots in the first half, and a miserable 35% from the field. The second half was only slightly different; Ashley came alive and got 16 of the Dino's 29 second half points, but the field goal shooting for the team dropped to 27%. Fortunatly, the 3-point shooting got better (up to 46%), and we eked out a win with a poor 62-60. Our saving grace? No matter how poor we played, Laurentian was slightly worse.

Saturday's Victoria game was was different. The Dinos were firing on all cylinders. At the end of the first quarter, the Dinos led 26-13, and the pace kept up with the final 94-77. Megan Lang had a great game; she had 5 of 7 field goals, 2 of 4 3-pointers and a perfect 8 of 8 free throws for a whopping 20 points, matching Ashley. Courtney was also up there at 17 points, and Whitney played 32 solid minutes. Jane Meadwell came off the bench for some awesome defensive play and 9 points.

Today's game against Carelton was expected to be a blow out, but Carelton really had their act in gear, especially in the first half. They controlled the Dinos offense well, and had a very well planned offense (shooting 50% from the field) that we had trouble shutting down. The score was tied at 18 at the end of the first quarter, and still tied at 32 at the end of the half. In fact, if it weren't for Courtney's last second buzzer beater, the Dinos would have gone into the half behind. But the Dinos came out for the second half fired up, and outscored the Vikes 31-18 in the 3rd quarter, and again 22-12 in the 4th quarter sealing the win at 85-62. I suspect what broke Carelton was Calgary's press. It started with Ashley, Megan and Whitney trapping, and was followed by Jane, Juliette Gonzalez and Michelle Wilson doing the same thing. Calgary forced 31 turnovers, while Carelton managed only 17. Ashley once again redeemed her first night with 24 points, with Courtney not far behind at 19.

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