Sunday, 13 January 2008

Skiing Day 2

Vertical: 9,385 m Cum to date: 17,200 m
Runs: 19 Cum to date: 33 Average run 521 m

A nice second day out at Sunshine this year; a little hard pack, but overall good. Cars were parked 2.5 km outside the gate, but we saw no crowds all day except a short line at Wawa. Cloud-base was right at the top of Angel, so Divide wasn't a great choice. Best turns were on Sunshine Coast first thing in the AM (very soft groomed), Middle Scapegoat, Angel Flight under the Divide Chair, Tin Can Alley, and of course, the trees on the side of Angel Flight down low.

We were getting on the Angel chair just before noon, and of course as a double, I look for other doubles to ride up with. After we get on the chair, it turns out that under the full face-mask, the other folks are one of the guys I work with and his wife... small odds of this happening, one would think.

If you go to Sunshine, go to the Sunshine Inn's Chimney Corner Lounge for lunch, try the Lamb Burger. It's great.

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