Sunday, 10 February 2008

Skiing Day 4 - Feb 3

Vertical: 10,670 m, Cum to date: 36,755 m
Runs: 19, Cum to date: 66, Average run 557 m

A great morning & poor afternoon. Very early start & mostly bluebird sky, but cold. So cold my goggles kept fogging no matter what I did. Not much fresh snow, but a few of my faves like Rolling Thunder, Scapegoat and others were groomed. This brought the vert up big time, and we had 7,000 m by lunch. The groomers were good, but we had fun playing in the trees up high.

Went up to the village for a s l o w lunch at Trappers. I like the food there, but the service is always atrocious. This particular day "the computers were down" and it took 90 minutes to get lunch. When we came out it was flat light, overcast & snowing, sort of. We went up Divide -- mistake, as the viz was terrible. Quite possibly the flattest light I have ever skied in. We finally gave up early, but the vert count shows we put in the mileage.

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