Sunday, 24 February 2008

Skiing Day 6 - Feb 24

Vertical: 10,275 m, Cum to date: 56,570 m
Runs: 18, Cum to date: 97, Average run 583 m

It was a quiet day on the slopes. It hasn't snowed at all in the mountains for 15 days, and that tends to turn the powder pigs off, keeping the crowds down. After being shut out of skiing last weekend due to basketball, we were happy that the Dino's men's team didn't have to play today, having won their best of 3 series in 2 games. So we headed up for what we (correctly) figured would be a nice, laid back, "cruzin the groomed" day.

It wasn't cold -- -12° in the morning, and just below zero most of the afternoon, and there was sun. I finally got that cheap pocket camera I was hoping for, so here's what it looked like first thing in the AM.

The snow was hard packed and well groomed, like here on Gold Gladerunner.

Off piest was very variable. In spots we found soft bumps (like off GladeRunner); sometimes there was evidence of sun crust/freeze that (like the edges of Boundary Bowl), sometimes the groomed looked good but low tiller depth meant one track and it was ice (Gold Scapegoat).

There was hoar frost in the trees, like in this shot in Eagle Creek.

We hung on Goat's Eye most of the morning, as usual, and skied Divide until clouds rolled in around 2. You can see in this shot that there was basically no one there.

Not a bad day, but boy, we could use more snow.

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