Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ski Day 1: Cold or Not, Ski Season is Back

Vert: 9,920 m, 17 runs.

The reports I have been reading that the snow conditions are good are indeed true, as we discovered today on our first foray to Sunshine this season. It was a pretty cold start to the morning, with -18° in the parking lot and on-mountain temps in the -20° range. I'd love to be more precise with the temp, but for some reason Sunshine has removed all their clocks and thermometers so the temp's just a guess. It was cold but it was clear; I managed to get exactly 1 photo today before my batteries died, and it was of the early morning viz at the top of Goat's Eye.

The groomed and recently groomed snow all over the mountain was among the slowest & stickiest I have ever encountered. Spent the morning on Goat's Eye, and was able to find some serious knee deep powder stashes in the trees between Gold Scapegoat and Gold Afterburner, which proved that 7 months off from skiing didn't harm the technique (just the endurance -- we quit a little early today).

In the PM the sun came and went but it warmed up to the -12° range up on Divide and the viz stayed fine. We found fabulous conditions in Bye Bye Bowl with boot top power that was moderately tracked, and for the time we spent in there, we were usually alone. In fact, there was no crowd in general. The A lot was only filled 2/3rds or so, to row 34.

The temp dropped dramatically as we descended to the parking lot, and was -21° leaving the lot at 3:15. This is in keeping with the forecast, which is currently calling for falling temps, an overnight low of -30°, and no warming tomorrow. I suspect we won't be skiing Sunday.

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